Title:  ≈   or   Approximately Equal To

Approximately Equal To is a conceptual exploration of the tacit knowledge and fluency of skill which develop through creative practice. Based on David Pye's theory of craftsmanship and design, it gives these concepts, which are difficult to communicate, a physical representation. The knowledge and skills are given physical value by informing units on scientific apparatuses and measuring instruments. Each unit is derived from the judgement of a skilled practitioner and each represents a different type of creative knowledge or skill. Collectively they form the AET or Approximately Equal To system of measure.

Exhibition Setup & Book

Exhibition Display Laboratory     Laboratory Stools     Self-bound Rationale


Folding Rule     Folding Rule     Stopwatch     Stopwatch     Weights & Scales

Weights & Scales     Thermometer     Thermometer     Thermometer     Scale Rule

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